Your Valuation

I like composing music, and of course I would like to be valued for it. But I want to leave it up to you to think about how you would value your own MindSong. For me this is a sincere experiment. You can take into account the following:

The length of your Song. Do you want a complete Song of about 3 minutes with for instance the form of “intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus, ending”? A Song like that should be valued higher than say a Song that has the length of 1½ min. with a form of “instrumental intro, chorus, instrumental ending”

Are you going to give me a definite song lyric or just a draft that I need to work on and send back and forth with you for your approval, before it can be used for your MindSong?

If I think your Valuation is reasonable in relation to the kind of MindSong you want, I will go ahead and record it with music in your favorite style. If I think your Valuation is unreasonable, I will mail you back and tell you why. But don’t worry, I’m a reasonable guy. When I’m finished I will send you a part of your MindSong the form of a MP3 file. If you like it, you can pay me and I will send you the complete song.

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