The Art of Staying Positive

The challenge is always not to get disappointed when it seems to take longer than you would wish for your Abundance to appear. There is almost always is a period between the moment that you start using the Law of Deliberately Creating your Abundance and its manifestation. During that period you have to be patient and not get disappointed. When there is a denying force that is not within your power to change, you have to accept that and choose not to dwell on it, not giving it any negative thought. Instead, you want to stay on the positive side of being neutral throughout an event. If you keep practicing this, you will attract what you need. Maybe not immediately, but if you make this a habit it will surely produce results! We are what we consistently do.

Something else that can help certain people is learning not to have too many expectations. When you expect something to happen too soon, you are setting yourself up! Instead, just stay “cool” and see what happens. When you do this, you will have less difficulty to stay out of the negative emotion of disappointment.

In the meantime, you should also acknowledge to yourself when you fail to stay positive. Try to learn from these events and do not repeat the same mistakes. It’s ok; don’t judge yourself, that’s just another “trick” of the ego. We all have these moments, just see them for what they are: products of unfruitful habits. Usually they are some form of a negative emotion. If you need help with staying positive in these situations, try your own MindSong!

Don’t feed yourself too many negative Impressions. The less, the better. You don’t want to be naïve about the state of the World, but you should not dwell on it either. Too many of these Negative Impressions will tend to attract more of what you don’t want. So what is too much? I would say when it starts to distract you from focusing on what you want to Attract and you loose too much time and energy over it. So, don’t watch too much TV!

Sometimes you may need to know where to draw the line. Maybe you need to change your surroundings. Move to another place if you have the opportunity. Or maybe you should find the courage to separate from some situation of which you know deep inside that it’s repeatedly holding you down and preventing you from your connection with Source.

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