There are Seven Habits that can help you on your Way to your Abundance

Here’s an image. See yourself as a ship that needs to sail the right course to get to the Waters of Abundance. And, as the Captain you need to know how to get to your waters of Abundance, your Vibrational Escrow.

The captain, that is You. Or better said, it is a symbol for that part of you that can use the Knowledge about the Law of Attraction to Deliberately Create your Abundance. It is that part that understands that there is also another part in you that stands in your own way.

The Fourth Way describes man in a general way as a stimulus-response organism. There is a part in you that has the ability to take more or less Individual Responsibility for being more than only a stimulus-response mechanism, by living life in a proactive way. That part was called the Steward in a Fourth Way story about the organization of a household. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius called it the “Ruling Faculty” in his Meditations.

Your Ruling Faculty is that part in you that knows about the Law of Attraction, and applies it intentionally in your life circumstances. The more you apply that knowledge, the more you will understand how it works. In order to apply the Law of Allowing there are Seven Useful Habits that will help your Ruling Faculty to stay focused on your Vision and your Guiding system to find its way.


Start with your Aim in mind

Fear Not

Being Grateful

Health Maintenance

The Art of Staying Positive

Being Proactive

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