Being Proactive
and the Law of Attraction

Being Proactive is a result of acknowledging and anticipating the fact that it is not easy to remember your Aim of Allowing in the practice of your daily life. It means for instance being self aware and not blaming other people and circumstances when you experience negative emotions in your interactions. It means taking responsibility for your own negativity. This is something that many people find very difficult, because they habitually blame other people and circumstances, without realizing that the real cause is always their identification with or attachment to the situation.

We, as human beings have something that distinguishes us from animals. It is our ability to be Self-aware. This ability is our birth right, but many of us don’t use it much. You may think you do, but if you really make a point of actually seeing how often you are aware of yourself in the moment, you have to admit that in your daily life you forget yourself most of the time. In the Fourth Way system the practice of being more self aware is called Selfremembering.

Being proactive is a very useful habit to cultivate in connection with the using the Law of Attraction, because when you forget to this and your Emotional state goes down, you automatically loose your alignment with your Source Energy. And when you loose that alignment you stop attracting what you want and instead attract more of what you do not want.

The key lies in the understanding that other people and circumstances are really never to blame for your negative emotions. If you do blame others, you’re actually empowering them. You give something away that belongs to you: Responsibility. Think about it and see for your self that this is true.

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