Why MindSongs? The Power of Music!

Do you know the Power of Music?

Music has the power to cause emotion to well up within us. These feelings color our moods, affect our perceptions and stimulate certain patterns of behavior.

This has been known since ancient times. All ancient people had their forms of music. Music was used to enhance the power of visual art and dance. It was also used to align people with that level of Source energy that’s called Essence, your own nature.

You can play your MindSong first thing in the morning, or any time, in your car, or on your MP3 player. Once you have heard it a couple of times it will play itself in your mind, just like a popular song does when you hear it often on the radio.

A MindSong is a song you can play in your own mind, whenever you need it. The text is highly relevant to you because it’s based on your own Vision Statement, which contains your ideals and goals to attain Abundance. When you write your Vision Statement you are aligned with Source energy. Your MindSong is a tool to realign yourself with your Source, when you need it. When do you need it? You need it during the time it takes to get from your current situation towards your Abundance. It will serve you as a reminder not to give up easily and stay positive. It will help you to change the vibrations of negative emotions and stay focused on your Vision in a positive way.

Play your MindSong at least once a day for a month! At first on your MP3 player, but at a certain moment you can play it in your mind and focus on your Abundance!

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