Negative Emotions are
Source Energy out of Alignment

Expressing negative emotions never helps you to get what you want. On the contrary, it only takes you further away from the Tao, your alignment with Source. Here is a Big Secret: you can do very well without them.

They occupy an enormous place in our life. The lives of many people are regulated, controlled and in the end ruined by them. They are useless; they do not help your orientation, they do not give any knowledge, nor do they Guide you in any sensible manner. On the contrary, they only make you miserable, they spoil all the joy, and they effectively prevent you from reaching your Abundance. Often they drain you of your emotional energy, and then you have to wait until your state is positive enough to continue attracting positive experiences into your life again. In the meantime, you have wasted time and energy.

How did we get into this useless habit? Like all of us human beings, you started to imitate the “grown ups” when you were a child. And everything in our culture promotes this habit. In movies and on television it’s so normal to see people express neg. emotions, that we never question it. But little children, who are still in essence, don’t have negative emotions yet. Read the story about the 14 year old girl if you didn’t do so yet

Many people think that expressing their neg. emotions is good, because it gives them some sort of relief. While this is true, it also robs them at the same time from the possibility to see a higher truth. The energy that fuels these out-of-Alignment emotions is Source energy that has a switched polarity, caused by wrong attitudes and wrong thinking. You could say that the expression of neg. emotions is a Source Energy leak. When you give in to this useless habit, you see the world upside down. You blame the other person or the event and fail to see that the real cause is your own identification.

Identification is a special word from the Fourth Way system. In Buddhist literature you can find a similar concept, called “attachment”. Negative emotions can not exist without identification. What does it mean? It means for instance, learning to make efforts towards the creation of your Abundance while staying detached from the immediate results, whatever happens. This takes effort, and it’s always easy to fall into the trap of identification and disappointment if your Abundance takes a little while to show up. Remember that there is a period between the moment you start your Deliberate Creating and the manifestation of it. During this period you need to be patient!

The non-expression of neg. emotions is only the first step in a process that could be described as re-aligning yourself with Source. It does not mean suppressing them. It means facing them, and being proactive about them. In the Fourth Way system this proactivity is called the transformation of negative emotions.

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