How to write your MindSong lyrics

Ok, so you’ve got your Vision Statement, very good.

What, you don’t have it yet? Go write it first!

Just kidding. You want to read ahead, see what’s next, don’t you...!


Your Vision Statement is the basis of your MindSong lyric.

But, before you actually start writing the words, there are some other aspects to think about. First you will have to think about the style and the form of your Song.

Think about your favorite Top Hits. Choose one you like. I can copy that style for your MindSong.

Now, think about how many parts your Song is going to have, in terms of verse(s), chorus, bridge, instrumentals. You can copy the form of your favorite style song or you can make your own form. To help you with this you can check the page about Styles, Forms and Rhymes.

When you have done that, you have an idea about the form of your Song; you know how many verses you want to write, and if you need a chorus and a bridge.

Now it’s time to take your vision statement and transform it into your Song lyric. This is a creative process. I recommend that you take a rhyme dictionary and a Thesaurus to help you. If you don’t have these, you can find them online. Google them. Lyrics don’t have to rhyme, but they do have more impact if they do. A rhyme dictionary is very useful here. And a Thesaurus gives you the synonyms that you need to make the words fit better into the rhythm.

Now you take your vision statement and underline all the keywords and phrases that you would like to use in your song. Your creative part is using these phrases and words in the lines for your verses, chorus and bridge.

Start with choosing the most important keyword(s) for the title. This can be the theme of your Song and used in the chorus.

As you can hear in al the songs you listen to, the lines in a song have a certain length and rhythm. You can make your own, or you can take your favorite style song as an example and use the rhythm and length of the lines in the verse, chorus and bridge, if you want one, as your template. The idea is to give the consecutive lines in the verses as much as possible the same rhythm in each verse, since they are going to have the same music and more or less the same melody, depending on the words.

You don’t need to write your whole MindSong Lyric all at once. If you get stuck, just leave it and come back with fresh energy the next day. It works. If you do that a couple of times you’ll surprise yourself!

Contact me your text and indication of your favorite music style; you can also indicate a top hit as an example. Once we have established contact you can even send me an example mp3 file of the style of music that you would like for your own MindSong. Don’t forget to include your idea of a reasonable Valuation.

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