Did they ever teach you that
Learning how to Learn
is also something you need to learn?

Getting to your Abundance is a Learning process, and there are definite stages to it. The first steps or stages can be described as follows:

The first stage is when you encounter these Ideas that are known as the Law of Attraction. You read about it, maybe you watch video’s hear some people speak about it. You get interested, decide it’s for you and you study the concepts.

The second stage is when you begin to really try to “be” the words, it’s the practicing of what you’ve studied, applying the theory to your life situation.

The third stage is when you encounter difficulties and formulate personal questions. Many of those questions will be about moments when you don’t understand how to deal with a particular situation. This is a very natural and positive thing, because where you have questions is where you can make progress. Of course you have to find the answers first, so, where do you go with your questions?

You may ask: “Why should I need an external Influence? I can find the answers on my own! Maybe so. But you probably tend to underestimate all the old habits that keep you from seeing your possibilities and opportunities for getting closer to your Abundance. Most people who are successful with something have some kind of coaching system. Think for example about athletes, weight loss and dieting clubs and clubs for getting rid of some addiction.

This is where you need some source of outside help, some kind of Influence that is going to show you the Way and helps you to Remember. So, what do you do? You look around for some input that you think you can trust. Of course it should at least come from someone who knows about the law of Attraction, someone who is using these ideas as well. But it’s even better if it’s someone who is ahead of you, because you can learn more from such a person.

This may not be easy. There are so many sources today who claim to be in contact with Source and have the right answers. And maybe some do. The Internet doesn’t make it a whole lot easier to find out. But, you try and maybe you are even very enthusiastic about your choice of Influence. That is good. Maybe you doubt, but at least you are giving it the benefit for some time. That’s also good because if your Influence is not what you thought it would be you just continue and find another source, until your Guiding system tells you that you have Found it. The important thing is that you are Learning.

We have to work with the difficulty and the opportunities of our times. In a way, we are fit to do this, otherwise we would not have been born in this time where there are so many possibilities. It is work, but it is not called “The Work” for nothing. And is your treasure, your Vision of Abundance not worth working for?

Most of us have forgotten what it means to learn from someone who Knows. It has to start with placing your trust in somebody or a situation. How can you know if you can trust a source? You can only find out by personal trial and error and trust your own Guiding system in your search. No one else can determine that for you. That is your Own Freedom and Responsibility.

The best Influence is always spending time and having a person to person interaction. When you find a Source who teaches what he or she practices by example, you can learn a lot. But, that may be a luxury for you.

Another way is telephone conversation. The phone still gives the possibility of having a two-way personal interaction that transmits emotional energy that can boost you. And it’s always best when your “coach” knows you personally.

The next best type of Influence is seeing an Inspiring video, or seeing an inspiring speaker during a live event, because it keeps the visual channel open for emotional vibrations that can boost you. But it’s less direct in finding the answers to your particular questions.

Then there is Email and/or chatting online. This can be personal, but, depending on the situation, is less direct in the transmittance of an emotional boost that you need because there is no tone of voice or body language that can be read.

The next stage. At a certain point you need to take a second step. That’s when it’s time for you to become a teacher yourself. It’s a principle, a Law, that you have to Teach in order to Learn. There are many things that you can only learn by teaching others. It can be from person to person, in talking or by example, or it can be through writing. The principle is that by teaching others, you find out for yourself what you understand, and what you don’t understand yet. This principle is part of what is called 2nd Line in the Fourth way System.

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