The Law of Allowing

The law of Attraction can be subdivided into 3 separate Laws:

1. The Law of Attraction itself, as a general Law.
2. The law of Deliberate Creation
3. The Law of Allowing

Together they form a Triad, with the first one at the top and the other two on the bottom. Number 2 and 3 are each other’s complements like a rest and a movement. First you “prey”, or ask, and then the Universe responds. Abraham Hicks, one of the most interesting sources for knowledge about the Law of Attraction, calls it creating a “pitcher of self”, in which you Envision everything that you want to Attract into your life. Then you need to Allow it into your Life, using your Emotional Guiding System.

The law of Attraction says that “That which is like unto itself is drawn”. This Law is Always working, whether you know about it and its subdivision or not. The law of Deliberate Creation recognizes that first law to be true and uses that knowledge in an Intentional, Deliberate & Creative way. The Law of Allowing is its complementary part about learning to recognize opportunities when the Universe responds to your Wanting.

“Why do I have to learn to recognize when the Universe responds?” You may ask. The answer can be given in different ways. On the Fourth Way it is said, in old, traditional language, that it is because we keep falling “asleep”. When you are Envisioning your Abundance in your “Creative Workshop”, you try to be aligned with Source, but in your daily life, under the conditions that create pressure and stress, you are not in the same state as you were at that moment. Our psycho/emotional state is always fluctuating, depending on our circumstances. And the problem is that we don’t Remember that.

Another way of saying this is that in our daily life our mind is not open, we see through filters. We are almost always preoccupied with our opinions about what is in front of us, and our opinions are often colored with negative attitudes and emotions. So, we simply don’t See what’s in front of us, we are not alert enough; because our Guiding System is clogged up.
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