The Law of Accident

The Law of Attraction is a new name for an old idea; it was also called “Karma” in Eastern religions, and in the Fourth Way system it’s described by the Law of Cause and Effect and by the idea that “your being attracts your life”.

In the Fourth Way system there is also another important law, the Law of Accident. This law applies to a certain field of human interactions that technically is called “World 96” in the Fourth Way system. It’s the world of false personality, the world of the ego and negative emotions. It’s the psychological world where everything is upside down. It’s also described as a “world” or “region of laws”, where everything “happens”, where the blind lead the blind.

Another aspect of the Law of Accident can be understood in the following way: the Law of Attraction works through what we feel and think. That is more or less clear to most people that understand this Law. But there is also another aspect that is less easy to understand. We also attract simply by our physical presence. In Fourth Way language: people attract through the Emotional, Intellectual and Moving center. What I mean by that is that sometimes people attract things they don’t want to attract simply by being at the wrong time and place.

For instance, you're sheltering for the rain under the roof of a house. A piece of a loose roof tile falls and lands on your head. An accident. Or did you Attract it? Well, you could say you attracted it simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But not because you were thinking about the posibility of a loose tile falling on your had no notion about it. And the tile would certainly have fallen as well at the same moment if you had not been standing there, according to natural laws.

Apart from being an individual who thinks more or less for him/herself , most people are also part of a group. A group has its own Karma; it attracts its life as a group among other groups. This means for instance that an individual can also suffer for something it did not attract as an individual, but as belonging to its group, by being at the wrong time and place. Think about a plane crash, or war victims like a woman who is raped and murdered in a war. There is a random element at work here. And in the last case, the people that committed this war crime were psychologically surely in “world 96”, the world of delusion. (for further reference: “In Search of the Miraculous”, P.D.Ouspensky)

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