the 4th Way & the Law of Attraction

An interesting question to ponder is “How is success with the Law of Attraction connected with the idea of karma?”

When people hear this word they often think about past lives and reincarnation and how past lives determine our current life. Although that may be true as well, the practical aspect is that causes have effects within your current life!

P.D.Ouspensky, a well known Fourth Way author and -teacher wrote in his book “A New Model Of the Universe”:

“Every man from his birth is surrounded by a certain karma, by certain people and certain events. And in accordance with his nature, education, tastes and habits he adopts a certain definite attitude towards things, people and events. So long as his attitude remains unchanged, people, things and events also remain unchanged, that is, corresponding to his karma. If he is not satisfied with his karma, if he wants something new and unknown he must change his attitude towards what he has and then the new events will come.“

Each thought, action or feeling is influenced by the thoughts, actions and feelings of your past, and in turn influences your thoughts, actions and feelings of your future. The way you think, feel and act determines to a large extent the experience that you attract. So, if you want to attract a different life experience, you need to change the way you look at things. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. This is a law that was discovered in quantum physics, but it works on the human level as well.

In the Fourth way system karma is also described as the Law of Cause and Effect, and the Fourth Way itself is sometimes referred to as the way of Karma yoga.

The idea of karma is also expressed in the saying that you have to Sow in order to Reap. These two are said to be one and the same thing, like the chicken and the egg. They can also be seen as a cycle.

Usually we consider time to be a straight line. But actually, there are no straight lines in nature. The horizon looks like a straight line, but on a higher scale it turns out to be a circle. There are Deep Thinkers, like P.D. Ouspensky, who suggest that the same is the case with our own individual time line. And within our own time line there are recurring cycles of events.

These recurring events don’t look the same from the outside, because the places and people are always changing, but the Inner Meaning of these events can be just the same. And usually they are, because our psycho/emotional make up doesn’t change much over time. Unless we begin to Use the knowledge about the Law of Attraction. Then these recurring cycles begin to change, because You change. When You change, you change what you Attract.

When a cycle repeats, it becomes a spiral. A spiral is the next dimension of a circle. When you look at certain shells you can see that the repetition of a cycle can be a process of growth.

You can learn to see cycles in yourself. They are sometimes also referred to as the Law of the Pendulum. One way to recognize them is by observing opposite moods. The more you can see them objectively, the less they influence you, because you make a distinction between the mood and You. If you can’t see them it means that you are them, you are completely under their influences, because you are identified with them.

Walt Whitman, a great American poet, wrote in his book ”Leaves of Grass”:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”


“Here the profound lesson of reception. Neither preference nor denial.”

For instance, when I made this website I could see the opposing moods of feeling great about it, and feeling discouraged. Sometimes I thought it would lead to nothing, and sometimes I felt completely the opposite!

It is in the understanding and awareness of the repetition of the cycles that it is possible to make changes in our habits. Evolution is derived from Karmic Revolution.

To understand the idea of karma a little better it can be subdivided into 3 parts:

1. Karma that you currently experience. This is your current life. It is a result of your Essence tendencies together with all your previous thoughts, feelings and actions.
2. Growing and developing Karma. This is Karma that you already sowed in the past, and that will be reaped in the future.
3. Potential karma. These are the possibilities that exist in your current experience.

Karma is said to be the only force that transcends consciousness because it determines consciousness itself. This is an interesting idea. It suggests that from a higher point of view it is even predetermined whether or not you have the possibility to become a Proactive Creator with your life.

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