Health Maintenance

See yourself as a complex Spiritual/biological machinery that needs maintenance. When we are young this is not so obvious because the body is in good shape in a natural way and we don’t need to think much about it.. But later it becomes clear that it does not stay like that. The thing is that many of us waste a lot of energy on trivial pursuits when we are young, but often we only realize this later, when our natural life energy is already spent for a great deal.

Now, this does not have to be a disaster. Personally I found myself lucky to encounter an Eastern way of maintenance that is called Qi Gong. It’s sometimes also spelled as Chi Gung. Its origins are in China and it is at the basis of the Martial arts. It has tremendous benefits for health maintenance and spiritual well being as well, and actually runs in its philosophy and psychology quite parallel to certain aspects of the Western Fourth way. In the West, it is known as Taoism, and one of its founders, Lao Ze is quite known for his depth of Wisdom and the Tao Te Ching.

Your health maintenance needs to be done on different levels.

The physical level is keeping the body in shape. Do it your way. Work out, jog, yoga, whatever works for you. Personally, I think Qi Gong is the best, but you need to have a good teacher, especially in the beginning.

One specific aspect of being in good shape is the Abundance of your capacity to “produce”. What energy in you produces? It is your Sex energy. Your Sex energy is the force behind your Create-ivity. It’s not only used to create offspring, but you also use it to Manifest your Ideas in the 6 Dimensional world of Space and Time. Each of us has the potential to Create. The better your general condition, the more energy you have to produce your Abundance.

The Social/Emotional aspect might be boiled down to applying the Golden Rule, treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself

The spiritual and mental aspect of your health maintenance is feeding your “spirit” with stimulating thoughts and ideas that give guidance to your Value system. It means for instance reading what the Great Minds of Humanity have thought and taught about the World we live in. Eminent people from all over the world and from many cultures have left traces of their value systems for later generations to study.

Your Value system needs Education to be healthy! It is a fact that we need to learn from other people. When you are born your value system is empty. When you are raised it gets filled with values that you take over from your parents, teachers and cultural surroundings, often without being aware of it. Sometimes they are even drilled into your mind. That’s ok, because people need to learn what is accepted behavior, but when you want to become a Deliberate Creator, why not deliberately choose the best Values that you can get your hands on?

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