Glossary for all words in Italic on this Website

LoA: Law of Attraction
4W: Fourth way

Abundance - LoA
Your Vision of what you want to Attract. At its highest level it is the result of the development of your natural talents in alignment with Source.

This word has many meanings. On this website it is used in the same way as the Fourth Way idea of false personality

Essence - 4W
The part of you that is “real”. Sometimes called your “inner child”. The part of you that came with your birth and that mostly got buried under your upbringing and undigested experience. You can think about it like this: Suppose that you were taken away as a newborn child and raised by different parents, in another country and completely different culture and language, how would you be now? The part that would be the same is your essence.

False personality - 4W
It can be seen as an unconscious defense mechanism. It starts to develop around the age of 5, 6 as a result of unconscious interactions between the vulnerable essence of a child and its parents, teachers, and other children. It is the imaginary picture that people have about themselves, based on ignorance, and it is also that part in our psychology where negative emotions can exist. The root word “persona” originally was a Latin word and meant “player’s mask”. Also called ego on this website.

Greater Good
The idea that "Spiritual Warriors" don’t live their lives only for themselves, but also to “help” others. It can be applied on many scales. For instance, you can do something for the Greater Good of your marriage or for the Greater Good of Humanity, and anything in between, according to your “being”. (Also called “3rd Line” on the 4th Way)

Identification - 4W
A state that binds our psychology of the moment to the world. We have no awareness of Source. There are gradations of it. At its strongest your perception becomes very narrow, like a tunnel vision. There is no scale or relativity. Negative emotions can not exist without it. In Buddhism it’s called “attachment”.

Impressions - 4W
1)Everything that comes in through your 5 senses, and 2)the content of your mind (that what you perceive with your “inner eye”), at any given moment. In the Law of Attraction these are called Vibrations.

Know Thyself
This was advised by the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece. It means, know your Source. This can be subdivided in essence and soul/spirit.

A tool that helps you to remember your Vision when you need to.

Originally coined by the psychiatrist Victor Frankl in his 1946 book Man's Search for Meaning to describe a person who took responsibility for his or her life, rather than looking for causes in outside circumstances or other people. Much of this theory was formed in Nazi concentration camps where Frankl lost his wife, mother, father and family, but decided that even under the worst circumstances people can make and find meaning. In the Fourth way terminology this practice is called selfremembering.

Qi Gong
Qi Gong (also written as Chi Gung) just means Energy Work. It is an ancient Chinese practice, used in Buddhist as well as in Taoist traditions. Knowledge and Awarenes of energy flow through the body is an important aspect. Energy, Qi, flows through certain channels called meridians. Many people know this idea from acupuncture. These channels are difficult to define because they are not like veins or nerves. It is more like a energetic combination and communication of tissues along these meridians. Qi can be understood as the breath of life, oxygen and other energy we take from the fresh air we breath. It is possible to feel this subtle breath in the body. Another aspect of QiGong is right posture and working with Gravity.

Six dimensional Space & Time - 4W, P.D. Ouspensky
The 3 dimensions of space are easy to understand; height, depth and width. The 3 dimensions of time require some thinking. The first thing to realize about time is that your experience of time is your time on planet earth. The rest of time does not exist from that point of view. Your fourth dimension is the line of the “long body” between your birth and death, the first dimension of your time. The line of the way your life manifests. But this line can manifest in different ways, depending on what you attract in your life. Without the knowledge and intentional use of the Law of Attraction, things happen “mechanically, and the line develops without you taking charge. But when you Apply the Law of Attraction to your life, your life may deviate from that first line at the moment when you started to deliberately use the Law of Attraction. At that moment you start to attract a different development in your time line. It’s like a parallel time of the first line, the 2nd dimension of your time, your 5th dimension. The ideal life would be that one in which an individual receives all the right Influences and circumstances at the right time in his/her life to make the full development possible of all the potentials that Essence carries at birth. However, in nature this seldom happens because of all the forces that work against that. Look for instance at plants. Have you ever seen one in nature that is perfect and not damaged, or eaten a little here and there? The 6th dimension is the line of actualization of all possibilities..

Source - LoA
This word has a couple of meanings. It can be seen as the “Intention” of your life, or the Intention behind All Life. Or, “Spirit”, the Good, or the God part in you. It can also be seen as your natural, unspoiled part, the wise child inside, or your Wiser, Joyful and Intuitive Inner self. In this latter meaning I have used the word Essence on this website.

Vibrational Escrow - LoA
The idea that somewhere in your life there is an Abundance waiting for you. It’s your birth right, but you have to Work for it, using all your inborn capacities.

Also called Co-creating. The Best, most Positive, but not the easiest, possibility for the outcome of human interactions. Human beings tend to compete, everybody wants to win from the others, but there can only be a winner if there is also a loser. Co-creating means working towards solutions that make everybody end up better.

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