Fear not

Fear is a special negative emotion that is at the core of many others. Some people suffer more from it than others.

Certain negative experiences, something bad that happened in the past, can create an obstacle for something good to happen in the future. You could describe it as fear for the unknown.

As a child you were emotionally open to the world, you didn’t know negative emotions yet. But when you grew up, part of your experiences were unpleasant, and so you learned to shun these type of experiences, depending on their intensities. Many of these negative emotional “programs” shaped your character and became a “limiting” factor in your life. This happens to almost every human being on the planet.

What happens is that we often “project” our negative emotional programs on new events or people that we meet, and instead of facing them with an open mind and seeing if the situation will bring us options towards our Abundance we close ourselves of emotionally. Not that we do this intentional, no. Often we don’t even realize that we react from these negative programs. But a fact is that we slide down on the emotional scale instead of upwards towards Source energy, and so, this habit is not a good one.

Of course, people that don’t have the Aim to get to their Abundance hardly think about themselves this way, but you, who is interested in using the Law of Allowing, need to know about this, observe it, and include it in you list of aims to work with if it is a tendency for you.

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