Do you know how to trust and use
your Emotional Guiding System?

Or didn't you even know you have one...?

The Law of Attraction says that your emotions are your Guiding System. Maybe it is better to say that that is a potential, because in most of us our guiding system is pretty polluted. Rodney Collin, a writer who walked the Fourth way, spoke about the purification of the “Emotional Centre” in order for it to become an “organ of perception”.

The most important thing you can do to get closer to the state of having a functioning Emotional Guiding System is called the non-expression of negative emotions. This is the preliminary aim for the Transformation of negative emotions. You see, you can only become aware of your negative emotions if you first set the aim not to express them. You have to try this to see the truth of it. Then when you do not express a negative emotion, you hold the energy of it inside yourself, and you need to work with that energy in a healthy way. You can only do that if you understand that the real cause of your negative emotions is always inside yourself, the other person or the event is only an apparent reason. You see, there are always 3 factors, not 2, that cause any event. In this case, the 3rd one is your attitude about the situation. So, having right attitudes is a very important aspect of working with negative emotions.

So, how to do that? The answer is easy, but to do it requires effort and persistence, because it involves breaking old habits that have been there for a long time.

There is an “objective” scale of psycho/emotional states. This scale divides the whole gamma of states that are possible to experience for a Human Being in 4 levels. These are called
1. the First state. State of sleep during the night. We can be deep in sleep, or less deep when we dream, and we can be close to
2. the Second state. This is the state we are in during our daily life. It is the first state plus sensory input. In this state we are mostly on autopilot and not self aware, that’s why in old religions this state was still called sleep, as compared to
3. the Third state. This is the state of actual self awareness in the moment in which you can be objective towards yourself and where you actually have a moment of self-consciousness. This is your birth right as a Human being.
4. the Fourth state. In this state a person is not only objective towards him/herself, but also towards the "world" around him/her in the moment. It's a place from where it is possible to See the Laws in Action. This is sometimes also refered to as "cosmic consciousness", something that relative few Human Beings attain.

Negative emotions exist in only in the 2nd state. They start to disappear when we become aware of them as such. Maybe not immediately, because when you are already in a low state before you shine your Inner Light on your negativity, it’s more difficult to climb back up than when you see it coming. But, the more often you have seen how they drain your energy tank, the better you will become at stopping these energy leaks in their early stages.

The Bhagavad Gita says: ” Little by little the mind will become stilled in the Self”

And in “Ask and it is given”, a very good book about the psychology of the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks talks about how to consciously move up on your Emotional Guidance system, by Deliberately choosing your attitude towards the situation you are dealing with and in this way giving yourself emotional relief and improve your emotional state. This is a great technique, one that is also known as the “Transformation of negative emotions” on the Fourth way.

The less time/energy your negative emotions take, and the higher your state is on the above scale, the better you Emotional Guidance System will work.

The idea is that when you are aligned with Source, there are no negative emotions that distort your perceptions. Your mind is open and you See what’s in front of you, like the possibilities and opportunities that the Universe gives you when you are asking. You recognize the “opened doors” and you don’t stand in your own way of walking through them.

When your Emotional Guiding system works well, it will tell you where to go, which people and situations are a positive, supporting influence and which people and places to shun. Here is a quotation that I like:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind." -- Dr. Seuss

Of course, saying what you feel does not mean expressing negative emotions. The art is to say what you feel without the expression of negative emotions.

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