Desires can come from different levels within your mind/psychology. The ultimate aim is to desire in line with your Natural Potential or Essence. Your Natural Potential is in line with Source energy. When you are aligned with Source, you walk the Tao. What is given by Nature to develop is not something that is in our power to influence, it’s a given thing, like for instance the talents that you have. But one thing is clear; the Emotional quality of your Inner Nature is positive and joyful. Think about the story of the 14 year old girl!

You can allow it to develop, and you can stand in its way. When you are living your life in accordance with your true nature, what you attract is more of what you originally were "supposed" to attract in your life when you plunged into it. This potential, your Fate, is related to the development of your natural potential.

The importance of the Greater Good

When you use the ideas of Deliberate Creation, it’s very useful to do that with the Greater Good in mind. If you only want to use this technique for our own, “selfish”, purpose, the chance is great that you desire from a wrong place in yourself that is not in alignment with source energy. This place is your ego, or as it is called in the Fourth Way system, false personality. If you wish to be Abundant, intend to give a part of it away to those who need it, according to your own perception. In that way you include others in your success , and when others are involved, it means that the results will be beneficial to the Greater Good as well.

In the Fourth Way system, this spiritual idea of the Greater Good is represented in the idea of 3rd Line of work. According to a Cosmic Law (the Law of 3) there are 3 lines of work. All your efforts need to be connected to one of these lines, to safeguard a straight line in your Spiritual Development. The 1st line is work on and for yourself, the 2nd line is work with other people who you are involved with and the 3rd line is work, “service”, for the Greater Good of the Spiritual Unit you belong to. This unit can be seen as your family, church, “school” or even Humanity, depending on our vision, understanding and inspiration. For more information on the 3 lines I can recommend to read for instance P.D. Ouspensky’s “the Fourth way”.

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