Being Grateful

Another useful habit is to focus on positive things in your life. Many people have the habit of doing the opposite, they focus of what is lacking, by comparing themselves with others who seem to have more. Often this stimulates some kind of negative emotion. Now, you are interested in Attracting your Abundance. You know that negative emotions stand in your way of being in alignment with Source and the possibility of Allowing what you want to Attract. So, for you it would be better to stop comparing yourself to others.

If you find it difficult to stop it, catch yourself at such a moment, and turn your thoughts into another direction. For instance like this: Have you ever seen how real poor people live in 3rd world countries? If you live in a Western country under average circumstances, you could be grateful that you were not fated to be born under such circumstances.

In other words: try to change the negative feeling of lacking something into feeling grateful for what you do have, by giving yourself some scale and relativity.

Try it right now! What are the things you are grateful for? Feel the gratitude!

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