Getting into Alignment with Source
to Write your Vision Statement

I am the Source of all (Bagavad gita)

There are different levels of sense of “I” in the human psychology. One of these levels is being in Alignment with Source. In the Fourth Way system it is called the state of Essence. It is in that state that you want to be when you write your vision statement.

This state can be stimulated in different ways. For some people, listening to music is a good way, for other people going into nature, the mountains, the woods, being close to water, seeing the starry sky, or it can be interacting with pets. The idea is to be on yourself, not in your business/family/spous/ or what ever "personality".

To illustrate what this means, here's a story I once heard from Wayne Dyer about a 14 year old teenage girl who was shown two pictures of herself; one as she was now and one taken when she was as a baby, with the question to describe the difference. Here is what she said:

My mind has now been corrupted with shoulds, ought-to’s and judgments. When I was younger, I was carefree, loving the entire world, naïve in the sense that I didn’t know any better. Now I have learnt from the world around me, watched how judgments destroy us, how hate can overcome oneself and demolish life. The smile on my face back then wasn’t phony, there was nothing fake about me. Now I’m just a creation of what is supposed to be, I am a product of all the judgments and comments in my life. Who was I back then? Myself. Who am I now? Everyone I’ve ever met.

When you go back into that Inner Place that is in your daily life usually buried under the pressures of life, you are momentarily connected with your inner “Source”. It is from this Inner Place that you should think about the Abundance that you want to attract in your life and write in your vision statement. This Inner Place is positive and maybe even a Joyful place.

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