Aims, Efforts and the Law of Allowing

Working with the Law of Attraction does not mean sitting back, being positive and wait until the roasted pigeons fly into your mouth. Being positive, yes. But sitting back, no. You need to have an Emotional Vision of the Abundance you want to Attract in your life, and some idea of how to get there. Not that it will necessarily exactly happen the way you imagine, it almost never does, but you have to start somewhere.

Remember, the law of Attraction always works, when you are positive, you attract positive things, and when you are negative, meaning, when you experience negative emotions, you attract negative, unwanted things. Of course, you need to be able to see for yourself that this is true. Using this law deliberately means attracting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

What You want to attract cannot come to you if there is another part of you that doesn’t allow it. We are creatures of habit, and many of our emotional habits are against us, when it comes to Allowing. These wrong habits are your negative emotions. All your negative emotions are a distortion or deflection of Source energy, which is positive and joyful in essence.

Your aims and efforts can be divided into two categories: physical and metaphysical. You can also say, external and internal. The physical aims and efforts are of course related to what you need to do in your daily life on Planet earth. The metaphysical aims and efforts are related to learning how to Guide your own mind in such a way that the law of Deliberate Creation starts to work for you through the Law of Allowing. For this to happen, you need to develop your Emotional Guidance system!

In the Fourth Way system it is said that “State is Place” Whether you know it or not, you are always attracting from your mood. If you are in a low state you attract things in a different way than when you are in a higher state. (See my note about your Emotional Guiding system)

Working with The Law of Allowing means practicing the ability to control your own mood. Our moods are most of the time under the Law of Accident, but we are usually not aware of it. Controlling the Law of Accident is a study in itself, because it’s all about becoming aware of yourself within the moment. And then You need to learn to Pro-Act instead of re-act.

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