Some notes about me

I have been walking the Fourth Way for many years. During this time, I have been having the Good Fortune of attracting a rich life experience. I visited many countries, met many interesting and knowledgeable people from all over the world, and lived in Europe, the USA and currently in Asia.

I am grateful for this, because I know that it is ultimately life itself that is the teacher, it is Life Experience that teaches. Words can be helpful at the right time and place, and Knowledge is certainly necessary. And so is an open mind.

I can speak.

I could not speak before, because I had to overcome certain youth “traumas”, like many of us. I don’t mean physical speaking, but "emotional" speaking. I had some kind of energy blockage in the throat, a blocked throat chakra, as they call that in Indian spiritual traditions.

When I was a very young Fourth Way student I had the good fortune to meet a person who gave me a very useful observation about this emotional imbalance that I was suffering from (Thank you Catherine). She had a good “eye” for that and I have been able to use her observation in a beneficial way.

Meditation helped me. I used a positive affirmation about the throat chakra. The meditation went like this:

Met een volledig geopende Keel Chakra druk je openlijk en zonder vrees je gevoelens, gedachten en innerlijke inzichten uit. Je kunt je volledig uiten, je kunt spreken maar ook zwijgen en je bezit de gave om naar anderen te luisteren. Je junt nee zeggen als dat je mening is. Je laat je niet snel door anderen beinvloeden. Je bent onbevoordeeld en innerlijk vrij.

Now I understand that what I did was actually using the Law of Allowing (for the benefit of the process of Healing), although I did not know it by that name yet. What I did was just intuitively recognizing the emotional value and truth that this affirmation had for me.

I must add here that doing some kind of body work at the same time is very beneficial for clearing any kind of emotional blockage and/or physical imbalance. I was fortunate to recognize the benefits of a form of Chinese Energy Work called Qi Gong (Thank you Seiki-San) as another valuable tool. See my Glossary note on this.

We can speak when we speak from our own Values. (That’s why they are an important ingredient in your Vision Statement If you write them down and read them back, they will tell you when you are off track. Later, you will know them by Heart)

When I encountered the ideas of the Law of Attraction, I immediately recognized the validity of these ideas, especially in the way they are presented by Abraham Hicks.

I consider Creating this Website a Breakthrough Goal on my way to my Vibrational Escrow, to speak in the words of Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks.

Yes, I can speak.

And oh, yes, speaking about speaking; I'd like to speak up for SBI (Solo Build It). They're great! I never thought I could make my own Website, but they teach you how to write and build it. So if you have a similar Aim, check them out!

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