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The information that you'll find on this website could be useful for you, if you strive to play the Game of Life in such a way that you create Win-Win situations for you and the people that you interact with .

You may find many ideas that can have important meaning in your quest to find the answers that lead to your Abundance. I hope that you may find some pieces of your Puzzle here.

You may wonder: "What is the Fourth Way? The Law of Attraction rings a bell, but the Fourth Way? Never heard of!" Or you might say: "Fourth Way, that’s ok, but what does the Law of Attraction have to do with that?" If you know the one and not the other you may want to check the links on this page to read a short introduction to each.

The Law of Attraction says: "That which is like unto itself is drawn". In the 4th Way the same thing is said, in different words: "Your being attracts your life".

This site connects the language of the Law of Attraction with that of the Fourth Way. The language of the Fourth Way is said to be an objective language. It means that the concepts describe many things from a higher and impartial perspective than our usual. I find that there are many keywords in the language of the Law of Attraction that are similar.

Human beings need to use a language to communicate. We all agree on that. But we tend to forget that the words are just a medium that point to an experience. There must be an experience of the meaning in yourself in order to agree in the communication, especially if it comes to Emotional & Spiritual matters. If there is an experience of meaning, the words that we use are less important; there are many words that point to the same meaning. But if there is no experience yet behind the words, people start to disagree just because they are not used to the words. So, it seems a good idea to stay open minded!

Many ideas from the Fourth Way and the Law of Attraction are overlapping and/or complementary. By combining the ideas of the Fourth Way and the Law of Attraction I attempt to provide a bridge for students of both systems to enrich themselves and stimulate the advantages that the knowledge and practice of both can have.

For Fourth Way students it can be refreshing and useful to know about the Law of Attraction, especially those parts that are called the Law of Deliberate Creation / Law of Allowing.

For Law of Attraction students it can be enriching to study the Fourth Way and see how the ideas of the Law of Attraction fit into a larger system of ideas that make certain aspects of the Law of Attraction easier to understand.

This site also offers a special tool called MindSongs, which can help you to stay in alignment with Source Energy.

The Law of Attraction
Knowledge about the Law of Attraction used to be hidden. Now it's out in the open, but you still need ears to hear and eyes to see...
The Fourth Way
An introduction to the Fourth Way
Seven Habits
There are Seven Habits that can help you on your way to your Abundance
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Quotations from different Sources
Glossary for all words in <em>Italic</em> on this Site
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About me
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